Our Projects

SIA “Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija” (Baltic Computer Academy) in collaboration with partners Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Archivio della Memoria, ProEduca z.s., Centro Superior de Formacion Europa SUR, Asociatia pentru Sprijinirea Initiativelor Educationale and EIA - Ensina, Investigacao e Administracao S.A. instituting entity of ATLANTICA – Instituto Universitario implements “Erasmus+” project “Digitalising VET: The Flipped Work-Based Learning" (No. 2021-1-LV01-KA220-VET-000025117).

Project budget – total grant is 191 830 EUR.
Project duration: 01 November 2021–31 October 2023.
Partners: Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Romania.
The conditions created by the extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19 have accordingly created great changes in daily and business life. Vocational education and training organizations (in further text – VET) that want to work effectively in the new conditions are trying to find effective solutions to the problems created by Covid-19. Work-based Learning, which is one of the most important elements of vocational education and training, has become largely unachievable after the obligatory change in the way of working. It can be defined as learning by doing, observing, or asking superiors or colleagues for advice during work. Starting from this point of necessity, this project aims to develop a Work-based Learning model suitable for the new conditions that the world must face currently.

This project aim is to support VET organizations and providers to improve and shift work experience courses via using a flipped work-based learning model. The main purpose of the project is to reverse-invert Work-based Learning and to adapt it to new conditions. The main motivation of the project is to equip VET providers with the competencies that will enable them to perform digital training.
Activities and development of solutions:
The Flipped Work-based Learning Curriculum: Digitalization of the Work-based Learning.
The Flipped Work-based Learning Guide, Training Materials for VET Providers, and Online Toolkit for the Flipped Work-based Learning.
Digitalizing the VET: A Self-Learning Platform.
Results of project activities will improve VET organization adapting to remote process, contributes the digitalization processes and gives opportunity to use this method not only in person but remotely as well.